Monthly Archives: March 2020

T minus 2 months!


Exactly two months from now, IF all goes to plan, I will have just sailed Zest out of Plymouth UK, bound for Newport RI. Today I’m sharing a video I recorded at that point in the 2017 OSTAR. What strikes me about this video is my palpable relief at having gotten away successfully, and the sense of joy and excitement at being off on such an adventure.

That’s a big IF though, so many things can happen between now and the start on 10 May. I am hyper alert to so many potential risks and obstacles. For example I just gave an earful to a delivery van driver who gave me a fright on my bike when she suddenly opened her door without first checking her wing mirror.

My biggest worry though is more mundane: money. I’m just 25% of the way to raising the funds I need to do this race and am feeling very torn between preparing myself and my boat to take on this massive challenge, while also needing to find a way to pay the bills, which are mounting at an alarming rate. 

Coming down from the celebrations of International Women’s Day, I can’t help but feel a little deflated about the fact that once again I am the only woman lining up to race the OSTAR (others wanted to, but have not signed up, for various reasons). I have no doubt that I and many of my ocean racing sisters are every bit as capable of competing on an equal basis with the men, and we are every bit as adventurous and brave. What stops us then? The answers are many and varied, but I suspect many of them can be at least indirectly linked directly to gender inequality.

So if you’d like to do something to help me show that sailing and adventuring are not the sole preserve of rich white men then please consider supporting my campaign. There are many ways to help, from donating the cost of a coffee (or more!) to booking me to come speak to your company or professional association. I will happily accept in kind donations of equipment and provisions, so if you are a supplier please get in touch. I will put of a list of wants and needs soon.

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks to all you have contributed so far, for this campaign and in 2017. I really could not have gotten this far without your help!